Project Summary:

  • Name: Neurology Diagnosis System

  • Type: Academic (Developed as Final Year Project in Final Year 2nd Semester for fulfillment of B.E. course)

  • Duration: 6 months

  • Keywords: web-based expert system, diagnosis of neurologic disorders, Spring Web MVC framework, Java, rule-based reasoning, case-based reasoning

  • Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Shashidhar Ram Joshi & Sr. Software Er. Bikram Lal Shrestha

  • Awards: This project stood second in KUCC Software Meet 2009, Inter-university software competition, organized by Kathmandu Univeristy, and the members recieved Rs.15000 as prize.


This project is about a system that helps in the diagnosis of neurologic disorders. It is an AI project that uses reasoning techniques to assist the diagnosis process. A person will require at least some familiarity with the neurology domain to use the system. This is because the system is built around clinical examination terms and medical jargons that common people are not familiar with.

The system implements two major reasoning techniques that human beings use to assist the diagnosis process. Reasoning performed by recalling the theories that we have learnt is called rule-based reasoning and that by remembering similar cases or scenarios is case-based reasoning. Rule-based reasoning is implemented in the system by encoding the domain knowledge into the database and case-based reasoning is implemented such that the system keeps learning as it encounters new cases.